Can Software Enhance Your Chances Of Winning?

softwareI get asked this a lot. Can lottery software really make a difference? How many jackpots have you won? etc etc

The point is, that creating something that is perfectly random is next to impossible. And that applies to lottery draw machines too. Yes, you can make one that looks very random. But can you absolutely guarantee that it will never show any kind of trend of bias to any particular number?

As humans we are not perfect, and neither are the designers of draw machines. They do a good job. They do their best. And the lottery companies accept that it’s “good enough”.

But that still leaves us with a useful ‘unknown’ factor. Draws can in theory show some form of predictability. It’s near impossible to prove it’s there, you just kind of have to take a leap of faith on that one – but the whole point is that it is realistically possible.

Once you accept that, then using software that looks for trends is a no-brainer. No, even the best  software in the world can’t pluck a jackpot out of the air every week. That’s not what I mean – but it is perfectly feasible that using good software can give you a slight edge that you wouldn’t have otherwise. When you’re dealing with such big odds against you that’s something that can make a difference between winning and losing.

Yes of course you still need luck. Plenty of it. But given the choice of just totally randomly picking numbers, or being guided by some lottery software that may be giving you a better chance – it’s pretty obvious to me which is the best approach. Even more so if you get some fun out fiddling around with the software like I do – that geek fun is worth the ticket price of playing alone đŸ™‚

So why not join me, don’t just ‘quick pick’, have more fun with it and possibly get a better chance of winning on top. It makes sense.