What About Pooling Your Resources?

Thunderball lotteryThe world is full of lottery pools (or syndicates as they are often called), but most members of them don’t really even realise quite what they are doing.

The typical syndicate is an office pool, with a bunch of people all funding 1 ticket each. 10 people buying 10 tickets and hoping for good things.

Nothing wrong with that either.

Of course the bigger the pool the better their chances of winning the jackpot. But the more people there are then the more people who will want a share of that jackpot when they win it.

That’s the potential downside, and the key thing that you need to balance with the game you are playing. There’s no point playing a Pick 3 game with 10 players, and finding the best win you can walk away with won’t even buy you a mug of proper coffee!

It’s also difficult to run a pool (ever tried?) – man, it is hard work. You have to chase everyone for money, and do far more admin work than you ever thought. And people only ever say thanks if you happen to win..! No thanks. Which is why the online syndicates have taken off. You can play most of the big games online somewhere, with EuroMillions being one of the most popular for pool play because it’s got such a big jackpot (often 100M+). For EuroMillions, you can probably find a syndicate online here. Look for one playing at least 50 tickets or your odds aren’t really that much better.

But there are other game choices for online pools too. You don’t have to stick with the usual big ones. You can even play in a Thunderball syndicate if you like – it’s funny because I don’t know anyone who plays Thunderball, yet the game launched in June 1999 so has been running for ages – so it’s obviously pretty popular with a lot of regular players somewhere. Know anyone who plays it?

Pooling clearly works – you often see syndicates winning jackpots – but there’s nothing miraculous about it. If you buy more tickets your chances of winning go up. It clearly works because it can’t not work, if you see what I mean. But consider using software to enhance your chances too. You want to give yourself every edge possible after all.